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Announcement - Family Reunion - 2006 - Mark your Calendars - Plan on Attending!!

Our next family reunion will be held on Saturday, July 15, 2006 at the customary reunion site - Maple Ridge Lodge at Mt. Airy Forest off of Westwood Northern Boulevard in Cincinnati.  Start time will be 2:00 p.m.  We hope to see more of our family members at this special event.  This reunion will be hosted by Megan Beischel Schilens.  If you would like to contact Megan, her email address is mschilens(at) (to keep Internet "robots" from harvesting her email address, you will need to replace the (at) with an @ symbol to send her an email)

Some pictures and movies of the 2004 reunion can be found at:

Family History Research

I hired a German genealogist, Uwe Porten, to conduct research on our family in Germany.  I gave him all the information I had on Christian Beischel.  After several months of research, Uwe located Christian in the Catholic Church records in Gottenheim, Baden, Germany along with his parents, siblings, grandparents, and great-grandparents.  Here is the image of Christian's baptismal record as provided by Uwe.

Christian Beischel's Baptism Record 

Christian Beischel came from the village of Gottenheim, Baden, Germany.  His great-grandfather, Andreas Beischel, came to Gottenheim from "Zell" according to Gottenheim's Catholic Church records.  Uwe believes that Andreas came from Zell im Wiesenthal near the German/Swiss border.  There is one record in Zell im Wiesenthal that shows an Andreas living in Zell around the expected time period.  However, a fire at the church in Zell in the early 1800's destroyed all the church records.  The town's people tried to put the family records together from memory (hence how we found the name Andreas), but the records are poor and incomplete.  This means we are only able to trace our family back to the 1700's and only from Gottenheim going forward.

Christian's parents are listed on his death certificate as Mathias and Magdalena.  Magdalena was actually Christian's step-mother.  Maria Hess is actually Christian's mother and Maria died when Christian was still very young.   Christian's father Mathias then married Magdalena.  See the family tree for more details.

I have also had trouble trying to find what happened to Christian's step-brother Mathias and his step-sister Magdalena.  I recently received some help from a long lost cousin, Ronald Repking, who provided some very helpful information.  Ron Repking is a descendent of Rosa Roos' sister - Rosa is Christian's second wife.  Ron provided me with the text of Christian's marriage record as recorded in the Catholic Church records.  One of the witnesses is Rosa's sister, the other appears to be Christian's brother, Mathias Beischel. 

While I cannot find a Mathias Beischel in the Cincinnati area, I did find a Mathias Beischel living in Indiana.  I believe this could have been his brother.  The whereabouts of Magdalena is still unknown.

For more detailed family history of the beginnings of the Beischel family in the United States, please visit the family history page.

Help!!! - I need Information!

Now that I started building the site, I need all those little bits of information that you have stored away.  What am I looking for?  Old Photos - especially those of you that may have scanners and can scan it into an electronic format and eMail it to me for inclusion in the web site.

Also I need information for the "Hall of Fame".  This can be anything.  For example, a Beischel that served in a public office, started a business, served their country during a war, etc.  Please provide full name (first, middle, last).

News that you want other family members to know - this is where you will find the reunion information!

As far as the family tree, I have begun entering family data into the family tree software provided by the Mormon Church. The software is free and produces the web pages very easily.  It is time consuming and so far I have entered in the older data that Marilyn Beischel gathered years ago along with the information being provided by Uwe Porten.

One nice thing about the software is that it will automatically keep the names of the living family members from appearing on the web pages if requested!  So I can create a public family tree that protects the confidentiality of living family members, and can produce a complete family tree with all names on it in a protected directory (accessible to family members only with a name and password) for use only by family members!  Some of the initial work has been loaded on the web site.  Click on the Family Tree link to see how project is progressing.

Well that should keep me busy for awhile.  To keep in better communication, subscribe to the Beischel Family Reflector. Information on the reflector can be found on the "Get eMail" page.


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